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Body Art


Permanent Makeup is the New Body Art.


Yet unlike a tattoo on the body, your face moves, speaks, breathes, and expresses emotion. 


Martha's advanced artistry addresses these issues, as she spends the time to get to know your face; and how you present it to the world and express your emotions through it. 


And, recurring visits to Perfect Touch Spa - at least once a year - are your best investment to a continually changing and evolving beauty as your life experiences change your face through time. 


When we arise every morning and look in the mirror, it's crucial to feel happy in that moment - and the monetary investment in Permanent Makeup will always pay off for unwavering confidence in your appearance. 

What is SofTap®Pricing?


Prices vary widely between SofTap® professionals. It is more important to become familiar with the technicians in your area like Martha, and find someone you trust than to shop by price. See before and after photos of a Martha's work, ask her what she can do for you, and if you find that you match up well together, you will be a very happy customer. Basic work is usually very affordable. More complex work such as extensive correction, camouflage, or areola re-pigmentation may cost more depending on the technician. See your local SofTap® professional, Martha Parada, for individual pricing.


Martha's Permanent Makeup work is considered the Top of the Top worldwide with no equal. 

Martha is your source of continual beauty to keep coming back to over and over again.


For all faces, from symmetrical to asymmetrical, Martha can help hide and/or enhance, to create a natural or better than natural glamourous effect in unlimited color and designs.

Martha is also an expert in bringing the face back into an aesthetic visual balance after botox or facelift procedures.


Permanent Makeup Aftercare


The Softap Process lasts forever, and is cosmetic, not like a tattoo. It looks very natural, can be changed anytime, and is appropriate for all faces. The darker the process is, the longer it lasts. 


Tattooed brows can tend to look shiny, artificial and unflattering.


With the continual facial washing and skin care regimens, and the daily die off and renewal of cells, Martha strongly advises an on-going Permanent Makeup renovation routine at least yearly or every six months as a repeated routine of beauty refreshment that always implements state of the art knowledge of Natural Beauty that Martha possesses. 


Like other beauty rituals such as botox, facials & hair care, Martha's continuing beauty refreshment program in Permanent Makeup is an affordable part of your never-ending journey towards your best and most radiant self.


Any complications or irritation that may occur are normal. No money will be returned at any time. 


Permanent Makeup Renovation Program


Yearly refreshment of your permanent makeup is a continuing part of your optimum beauty regime with Martha.

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