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What is SofTap®? Is SofTap® Right For Me?

Of course it is!


SofTap® is right for anyone who wants permanent makeup, but wants it done gently, naturally, and beautifully.SofTap® is perfect for people who:


· Wear makeup every day, or feel "washed out" without it

· Are tired of applying makeup every day and removing it every night

· Need to pencil in eyebrows and have trouble drawing them on

· Have sparse areas in their brows and want to look younger

· Have no brows and want a nice set· Have pale lips and want more color

· Have unshapely lips and want them symmetrical

· Work out a lot and have problems with smeared makeup

· Have allergies to traditional makeup

· Have had surgery or injuries and want to cover scars

· Have alopecia or vitiligo

· Have lost hair due to chemotherapy

· Are sensitive/have low pain tolerance


There are many more applications for permanent makeup than those listed here. Young and old people of any race or gender can have SofTap® applied.


Young people often have SofTap® applied, the most common treatments are:

· A basic eyeliner, very natural, very subtle. Easy to add to for a night out, or go bare for casual, daily wear.

· A soft fill for eyebrows—fill in those missing spots so no one knows you pencil.

· Lip feathering, so they are always ready to be kissed.


Other popular procedures include:

· Eyebrow reconstruction—if you are missing your brows, Martha can design them just the way you draw them in.

· Moderate eyeliner, so you always look made up in no time.

· Full lip procedures are for people who feel like their lips have disappeared.


We can make them appear fuller, younger, and more colorful with a lip procedure.


Men get SofTap® too!


The most popular treatments for men are:


· Soft, subtle eyebrow fills—pepper your eyebrows with a bit of natural pigment and you can look ten years younger in just one treatment.


Eyebrows, lips, and eyeliner done with SofTap® Brand colors are so natural that even your best friend would never know you had them done.


The results are beautiful, subtle, and incredibly natural. Flawless expression, permanent beauty.


The Softap process by artist Martha Parada is not a tattoo. She enhances your brows by hand, not by machine.  The result is never harsh, but soft and flattering.


The result is realistic, natural and very anti-aging, yet is for all ages.  It is possible to correct and enhance each facial features and create symmetry.

The Softap process lasts forever. However, unlike a tattoo, the brow design itself can be changed and updated frequently  if desired – continually refreshing and lifting the face. Nice to know we can keep transforming our look as time and fashion goes on.


The practice of continually updating the brow can create a younger appearance that is continually evolving.


Wake up and look beautiful - for a simplified and easier life!

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